What type of Hot Water System is best?


Did you know that an Electric hot water system can make up 30% of your power bill? Few people do, Never the less it is true that the simple luxury of hot water can cost you big, even if it is on the off-peak tariff.

Gas hot water is not much better to be honest, the cost of your hot water won’t be added on your power bill, instead you will be getting a gas bill! And unless you have main gas running to your property you will have to remain on alert ready for when the gas bottle runs out mid shower on a cold winter morning where all of a sudden you find yourself dashing outside in a towel to switch the bottles over (I know this from experience living in my old house).

So solar hot water is the best then?

Not exactly- while solar hot water will indeed save you money on your power bill it is not really the best way to utilise your roof space. Unfortunately, a dedicated solar hot water system can be very costly and will only heat your hot water.

The majority of people choose to have an electric hot water system and a standard solar solar system on their roof that powers their entire home so they can track their usage and also have their bills combined into one -what we like to do is remove the off-peak meters and install a timer in your switchboard that will turn your solar on during the day. This essentially turns your hot water into “Solar Hot Water” with a few added benefits:

  • Excess power not being used by your hot water can be utilised elsewhere in your home or even sent back to the grid for a credit on your power bill!
  • During a cloudy day or periods of poor weather, your hot water will still heat during the day using power from the grid.
  • Fewer things to go wrong: If you happen to have both solar and solar hot water these are 2 completely separate systems that will each carry their own warranties to worry about.

These timers are a super simple way to ensure that you are utilising your solar in the best possible way. It is literally “Set and Forget” once installed you will have the peace of mind knowing that your hot water is not costing you a cent!

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