Warranty Vs Warranty

August 7th 2020

Solar installations and its differentiating warranties – what you need to know

You’re in the market for a new Solar system but wondering where to start, how do you choose?

When it comes to choosing a solar system, it can be overwhelming with so many different factors to consider as there are hundreds of components to a solar installation. As a consumer you want to make sure that the system will suit your needs and budget but most importantly be covered in the event of any failures or defects that may arise with your new system. Most Solar companies might skip all the nitty gritty of warranties and guarantees as they are more focused on closing the deal and moving on to the next customer– and we can understand this as it can be quite a competitive industry, but we believe in promise of delivery as well as providing our customers everything in black and white and making this simple and straightforward so there’s no hiccups along the way.  Why? We want to feel integral and honest in our dealings with customers simply because we know this will help us as a business, but we also pride ourselves in good word of mouth. Remember, when it comes to Solar it’s not always “bigger is better” and the dollar tag doesn’t always depict the best quality system, you can find value in mid-range panels with long warranties and good installers compared to paying top dollar and having a system on your roof that is overpriced and unnecessary for your consumption – on the other hand be wary of paying too little or going after the “cheap” quotes as what you might not pay today you will pay for later.

Here we explain different warranty types and why it is important to know the difference between each one:

Solar Panel performance warranty VS product warranty

A solar panel has two warranties – a performance and product guarantee. A solar panel’s performance warranty will typically guarantee 90% production at 10 years and 80% production at 25 years. An equipment warranty will typically guarantee 10-12 years without failing which is the industry standard, some brands do offer longer warranties – the longer the better if you are prepared to pay gold-plated prices.

Inverter Warranty:

When looking at inverter warranties you should look for at least 5 years, as the inverter is the component that is most likely to fail early, you can generally extend up to 10 years for a small fee and be covered for all parts and labour during this time. If you have a cover warranty from the installation company there are generally no additional costs.

Workmanship warranty:

The workmanship warranty provided to you by your solar installation company should also be highly considered as it will cover you if any defects arise from the workmanship in installing your solar system at your property. The general standard is 5 years across solar companies in Australia.

An important thing to consider is who is honouring the workmanship warranties? Your solar company or the subcontractor? In most cases a lot of companies use subcontractors which have their own retailer contracts with their own terms so even though you think you are covered for years it could only be 12 months. By asking for everything in writing you will cover yourself from any information and dealings you had with their solar rep or sales consultant over the phone.

Yes we have our favourites, but who doesn’t?

Like every company we have our favourites, but we can do any brand of solar panel and inverter our customers choose – however more than 80% of our customers choose seraphim panels and sungrow inverters, why? Simply because they are the most rated by our customers on a 4.9 star basis due to their great quality, high efficiency and aesthetics – paired with a Sungrow inverter which are known to have hardly any failures and great system monitoring capabilities. More so than that, we appreciate that these products come with a fair price tag and who doesn’t love value for money.

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