How can solar benefit me as a tenant?

Have you just moved into a Yuma Energy solar powered home? or are you interested in asking your landlord to install solar? The good news is that it has never been more beneficial for your landlord to go green, which in turn will save you money.

Tips For Saving

How It Works?

Yuma Energy installs solar onto your property.

Start saving by taking advantage of your solar power.

We then collect your energy consumption & solar production data.

You will receive a quarterly bill from Yuma Energy just like any other electricity contract.

When the sun is up the cost is down!

With the panels generating electricity on your roof you have access to a much lower rate. To benefit the most from this, you should use as much of the electricity as you can when you have access to the cheaper rate (when the sun is up). The more energy conscious you become, the more money you can save.

Tips for saving with solar:

  • Using your dishwasher when the sun is up in the morning
  • Put your laundry on a timer for when you are at work
  • By turning your air-conditioning off before the sun sets, while keeping windows and blinds closed to keep the cool air in

Instead of paying the big power company’s for their overpriced power you can use the power created on your own roof, for the benefit of the earth and your pocket!

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