How can solar benefit me as a home owner?

Getting solar installed on your home has never been more beneficial than now, whether you live in a small flat with 1-2 people or you live in a large multi-story home with 6+ people we can design a solar system to suit your power requirements. With the massive number of different solar companies selling all different products at an incredibly large range of prices, it can become extremely confusing when it comes to making a decision on what system to buy. That is why we conduct a thorough power consumption analysis on all of our potential client’s homes using state of the art smart meters, giving a clear picture of the customer’s particular energy needs.

Tips For Saving

How It Works?

Yuma Energy installs solar onto your property.

Smart meter is installed by your electricity retailer.

Start saving by taking advantage of your solar power.

Watch your quarterly electricity bills disappear!

When the sun is up the cost is down!

With the panels generating electricity on your roof you essentially have access to free power! To benefit the most from this, you should use as much of the electricity as you can during daylight hours. The more energy conscious you become, the more money you can save.

Tips for saving with solar:

  • Using your dishwasher when the sun is up in the morning
  • Put your laundry on a timer for when you are at work
  • By turning your air-conditioning off before the sun sets while keeping windows and blinds closed to keep the cool air in

Instead of paying the big power company’s for their overpriced power you can use the power created on your own roof, for the benefit of the earth and your pocket! To learn more tips on saving check out our blog post here.

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