Why installing Solar on your investment property is a power move!

  • Solar Panels on rental properties are tax deductible
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Statistics show that more people are going green and investing in renewable energy

In the past property investors all thought of solar on their investment properties the same way- It will make my home easier to sell, sure I may be able to put the rent up slightly..But is the outlay for a whole solar install worth these few benefits?

Now the game has changed, Property investors are actually using solar to generate a passive income that can be used to help offset their other costs associated with owning rental properties. Not only that, the cost of installing solar onto a rental property is totally tax deductible!

After years of experience in the Australian Solar industry the founders of Yuma Energy asked the question “Why do rental properties so rarely have solar?” That question is easy enough to answer if you look at my earlier points, however the founders of Yuma Energy were determined to make installing solar onto rental’s a no-brainer.

So what is the magic formula? Yuma Energy developed a process/system for monitoring the energy produced by the solar on investment properties and uses the data collected to bill the tenants for the solar power they have used rather than them purchasing power from the large electricity retailers.

The result for Australian tenants is electricity that is about 30% cheaper when they use the solar power. Not only does this allow the tenants to take advantage of renewable energy and the savings it provides, it also produces another form of passive income for property investors.

This passive income is also quite significant, working out to around $37 per week ($1,924 per year) into the investors pocket.

This quickly covers the cost of a solar install and starts generating real profit for the property investor.

To learn more about how solar on your investment properties get in contact with Yuma Energy today.

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