Cheap vs Value for money Solar Systems

Whether you’re in the market for a solar system or comparing solar quotes, you may have seen the “too good to be true” ads online and the unbelievably low prices on cheap systems.

A saying that we have in the solar industry is “buy cheap, buy twice”. This has never been more true when it comes to solar systems. Rarely do cheap systems deliver quality equipment, with optimal design, long warranties and also supplied by a reputable company together with a high quality installation.

This is a table of the industry standard price for solar systems since August 2020

System SizeNumber of PanelsCost Range
6.6kW22 Approx$5,200 – $9,600
8.6kW27 Approx$7,500 – $11,000
10.6kW33 Approx$8,000 – $12,000

Unfortunately there are a lot of companies that are known to cut corners around the installation and also to use dodgy advertising tactics to present “cheap systems”. However, they often don’t advertise the brand of panels or inverters and use misleading terms like “Tier 1 panels” which has nothing to do with solar panel quality, it refers to the financial viability of the manufacturing company and nothing to do with the solar panel quality.

Your house is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so why risk it to cut the price? A lot of these cheap systems can come with poor workmanship and substandard equipment such as low cost cabling, switches and connectors which can become a fire risk.

In fact, a 2018 study carried out by the Clean Energy Regulator found that 22.5% of installations are substandard or are unsafe. Why risk it?

By doing your research and asking for multiple quality quotes and not settling for the cheapest price you will be doing your family and your home a great favour. The best solar companies are ones that take the time to carry out a thorough quoting process as there are multiple factors and attention to detail required when designing a good solar system and suggest quality panels for your roof.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good solar installer:

  • How long has the company been trading? (check to find out …. Look for 5+ years of trading history)
  • Are they on recommended retailers? (#1 in Australia, Solar comparison company offering independent green energy and solar advice)
  • How are their google reviews? (what customers REALLY think about the installation company)
  • What products do they use? (Do they use recommended brands)
  • Do they offer after sales service? (Do they have an after sales service in place and do they offer workmanship warranties)
  • Do they have employees or sub contractors? (Do their employees get paid by the hour or by the job for eg: when a company has commission sales reps they will be under pressure to sell fast and may skip important information and use misleading sales tactics to close the deal & a lot of companies use sub contractors that may not offer warranty and aren’t bound by a contract to provide after installation care in the event of a repair or maintenance service call)
  • Do they offer system monitoring? (Do they offer ongoing system monitoring/maintenance to avoid scary electricity bills if/when your system goes offline)
  • Turnaround time from initial contact to installation? (Do they provide fast & efficient customer service from initial contact to delivery?)
  • 10+ year warranties on all components? (What warranties do they offer and did they offer this in writing? read out warranty blog for further advice surrounding warranties )

If we can assist you on your solar journey and with your choice of solar system, please call our friendly solar consultants and technical team on 07 3090 4691

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